L'histoire de la Bastide du Bosquet
videold house of character, where Guy de Maupassant lived between cagnes sur mer, the Iles de Lerins, Cannes and esterel lebosquet06

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La Bastide du Bosquet


Chez Christian et Sylvie Aussel,
14 chemin des sables
06160 Antibes
Juan les pins

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Once upon a time...

Ancient farmland where formerly, wheat, figs, silkworm and cactus were cultivated, the Bastide, withdrawn from the Chemin des Sables, was often open to guests passing through. Before the XVIII century the Bastide was a small farm outhouse belonging to "Villa Guide" a landlord's beautiful dwelling. This small farm outhouse was transformed to a Bastide in 1750 by Joseph Guide, the last Provost to the king, when he married the sister of the archpriest Suche of St Paul de Vence. One century later a marine Officer named Auguste Muterse from Guérande, descendent of a corsair family, stopped in the region. When visiting Antibes he met and married a young heiress : Nathalie Guide, they settled down at the Bosquet where they added on floor to the house and August put an anchor on the wall over the front door..
In 1886 one of the descendents of the Muterse, Maurice, welcomed Guy de Maupassant to the Bosquet where he stayed during one winter with his mother. While in the Bosquet he wrote "Mont Oriol" and a few shortstories like "Mme Parisse": Maurice gave navigation lessons to Guy de Maupassant who anchored his beautiful white boat "La louisette" and later his yacht "Bel Ami" ,11 meters 9 tons, in the Port of Aubernon , below the estate. In 1948 Madelaine Aussel, maiden name Reibaud-Muterse, niece of Edouard Muterse (the last of this name) enherited Le Bosquet where she settled down with her husband and chidren. Her eldest son Jean restored this old familiyhouse with passion respecting the past and his ancestors. Today, it is his son Christian, his wife Sylvie and their two sons who live there in the same spirit..